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One of the Charlottesville Police Department's (CPD’s) strategic imperatives is to increase the Department’s success rate in recruiting new police officers and in retaining current personnel. To help support the CPD in this mission, one of the Charlottesville Police Foundation’s (CPF) key projects is the Housing Program, which helps officers purchase a home in our community. Listen to a recent radio interview about this program here.

The Need

Prohibitively high housing costs are a key factor in many recruits’ decision not to join the CPD. High costs also make it hard for current personnel to live in Charlottesville – and, correspondingly, make it hard for them to develop an emotional bond with their city. Living in areas outside of Charlottesville, they literally become invested in other towns or cities.

This problem has grown acute. Many are surprised to learn that only a handful of the Department’s personnel actually live in the City, and of those, only a fraction own their homes. A quick comparison of the purchasing power of the average police officer with homes available in the city shows that there are only a handful of homes on the market in his or her price range. There is a tremendous gap between what is affordable and what is available.

The Program

The CPF sponsors a program that provides discounts on purchase prices, downpayment and settlement expense assistance, reduced Realtor, mortgage, and closing fees, and other benefits that collectively help close the housing affordability gap by increasing officers’ purchasing power. The program seeks to provide assistance for two to three officers per year. The goal is to make home ownership in Charlottesville more realistic for the City’s cops – and at the same time send a strong message to these valued public servants that the community appreciates them and wants them to live in the City. In 2009, the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation awarded the CPF’s Officer Housing Program their prestigious Catalyst Grant which in turn made a huge impact on the program’s tremendous success to date.

The Impact

Our goal is to help at least two to three officers each year purchase a home in our community, providing each family with $20,000 of downpayment and settlement expense assistance. Your donation will make a direct, sizeable impact towards that goal. Please consider making a financial contribution to support our officers and their families. Other assistance, such as donated property or reduced or eliminated lender or Realtor fees for officers is greatly appreciated as well.

Our Affiliate Program

Housing Program Affiliates provide officers with minimum standardized reduced rates in order to be part of our program.  Realtors who qualify as Affiliates agree to offer a discount of 1/3 off their fees.  Affiliate lenders will offer at least a 50% discount off underwriting fees. Affiliate closing agents will charge officers 1/3 of the typical closing fee.  

While the CPF cannot highlight any one Affiliate, a list of Affiliates and their collateral materials is included in the information package given to interested officers.  Affiliates are often invited to present to new officers at periodic “Housing 101” classes for potentially interested CPD personnel. 

The businesses listed below are our current affiliate partners. Any businesses interested in joining the program are welcome to contact us.

Nest Realty

Roy Wheeler Realty Co

Lewis Nelson at Long & Foster

Story House Real Estate

Sandy Morris - Keller Williams Alliance

Four Corners Real Estate Solutions

eXp Realty

Royer, Caramanis & McDonough, PLC

Waterstone Mortgage

American Equity Mortgage

First Heritage Mortgage LLC

Movement Mortgage

Atlantic Coast Mortgage

SLS Mortgage/Homes for Heroes

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