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Appreciation Banquet

The Foundation sponsors the annual Appreciation Dinner, held each year to recognize and honor the extraordinary men and women of the Charlottesville Police Department. Frequently, many department members exceed the expectations of the public in the performance of their duties.

The Department and the Foundation recognize department members for that exemplary performance. Formal recognition improves departmental morale and helps challenge department members to perform their duties in a manner above and beyond the normal call of duty. It also highlights for the community the dedication of department personnel and the importance of the department to the City of Charlottesville.

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I want to thank you and the other individuals who organized [the Appreciation Dinner]. Often, the men and women who serve this community fail to receive the recognition and praise they so well deserve. They are local heroes and should be reminded that their service to this community is appreciated by the individuals they protect and serve.

—Family Member of CPD Officer