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Officers spend time with North Downtown Neighborhood Association residents

September 20, 2015

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (NEWSPLEX) -- Fall is still a few days away, but that didn't stop one Charlottesville neighborhood from holding their Annual Fall Picnic

Every Autumn the North Downtown Neighborhood Residence Association, or NDRA, hold an event promoting the community.

This year they celebrated togetherness at McGuffy Park. The picnic featured a buffet, music, a jump house, face painting and much more.

In addition to activities, the Charlottesville Police Department and Charlottesville Fire Department stopped by to spend time with the residents they serve.

The picnic organizer says it's important to have events like these to get to know your neighbors.

"It draws a sense of community and also just kind of draws a sense of safety that we all are more aware of who each other is and see familiar faces and also are aware when there are unfamiliar faces." said Heather Hill, of the NDRA, "Additionally, we have some of the officers on the police force that are responsible for our neighborhood to come around and get to know the neighbors a little further."

A few city officials also spent time at the event to learn about community concerns directly from the North Downtown residents.

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James Pierce

The Police Department supports the Boys & Girls Club Teen Program by sending officers to the Cherry Avenue Club from 7 to 11 p.m. during the summer. There is nothing quite like seeing a police officer on a Teen Night in the Club, smiling, shooting hoops, or riding a mechanical bull to humanize all officers for the kids. The Club appreciates its unique partnership with the CPD and CPF.

—James Pierce, Executive Director

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia