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January 21, 2021

I was among those who encountered an accident on the U.S. 250 Bypass just west of Locust Avenue on Jan. 13. There was much confusion, and all of us were doing what we could to help those involved in the accident. A pickup truck was on its side, and a compact car was very mangled. This was very scary for all of us, as we fortunately don’t encounter this often.

Within a minute the Charlottesville police were on the scene — and I mean a minute. A female African-American officer was promptly attending to a person in one of the vehicles and was truly giving it her all to save this person. She was working hard and had a concern that was absolutely incredible, caring and professional. Amazing.

I figured that when the police, fire department and rescue squad personnel showed up (again, very quickly), I might be in the way so I left them to do their job.

I found out later that one of the persons involved in this accident passed away. I wept all night.

But the police officer who tried to assist the victim was probably having a tougher time than I, and I want her to know how courageous she is and how much she should be respected. What a tough job. I truly feel for her and want to thank her.

So to anyone who advocates defunding our police, I beg you to please reconsider. Our police are not only out there to protect us; they are among the first on the scene to save us. Or our loved ones. Or our friends.

Please, always have respect for our police. Someday you may need help. And they are there to serve.

Charles Lebo

Albemarle County

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I want to thank you and the other individuals who organized [the Appreciation Dinner]. Often, the men and women who serve this community fail to receive the recognition and praise they so well deserve. They are local heroes and should be reminded that their service to this community is appreciated by the individuals they protect and serve.

—Family Member of CPD Officer