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Officer Housing Program

Help Officers and their families live in the City by contributing to a $20,000 downpayment assistance fund.

Prohibitively high housing costs are a key factor in many recruits’ decision not to join the Charlottesville Police Department (CPD). High costs also make it hard for current personnel to live in Charlottesville – and, correspondingly, make it hard for them to develop an emotional bond with their city. Living in areas outside of Charlottesville, they literally become invested in other towns or cities. 

The CPF sponsors a program that provides discounts on purchase prices, down payment and settlement expenses assistance, reduced Realtor fees, reduced mortgage costs, and other benefits that collectively help close the housing affordability gap by increasing officers’ purchasing power. The program seeks to provide assistance for two to three officers per year.

The goal is to make home ownership in Charlottesville more realistic for the City’s cops – and at the same time send a strong message to these valued public servants that the community appreciates them and wants them to live in the City.

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