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CPF’s New Programs

Building One Community

The listening series CPF launched this summer has been helpful in our mission to build bridges between the CPD and the community. The sessions identified the benefit for a newly refurbished Citizens/Youth Police academy with an emphasis both on learning about the job of policing and the law and creating a dialogue and relationship among all members of the new academy.   

As we work on the new academy program, we are rededicating ourselves to the work that is and has always sat at the Foundation’s core, which has taken on even greater importance in these times. This includes continuing to fundraise to support our housing grants, which will help even more of our officers live in, connect with, and understand the communities they serve. It includes continuing to fund important training opportunities that help our officers and our community – programs like anti-bias training, mental health training, the K-9 program and others.      

Of critical importance, we are continuing our efforts to supply the police cars with Essential Safety Supply Kits to be used in the community. 

We hope that you will continue to follow and to support our efforts as we work harder than ever before to support our officers and our community members, and to make Charlottesville the truly special place we all believe it can be.

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